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Viagra and Media

"Advertising is the 'wonder' in Wonder Bread." - Jef I. Richards (1995), advertising professor, The University of Texas at Austin.

We must admit that advertising has always worked. And in case of Viagra, it definitely has. Owing to the fact that pharmaceutical companies, for decades, have been effectively promoting their products to medical practitioners. The advertising in those days believed in 'one-to-one communication method', taking the fact that doctors are the only source of providing information and recommending medicine on prescription. That was the trend till 19th century when the pharmaceutical giants slowly started shifting focus on marketing besides research and development. Soon the medicines were presented to the consumer market following the 'Direct to Consumer advertising formula'

Take the instance of Viagra advertisements, in which the bold signals give strong feelings that prescription drugs are just like any consumer products. Many surveys indicate that consumers believe that the information displayed is approved by the government which raises the credibility of this prescription drug for erectile dysfunction. How does that affect the sales of Viagra? One simple equation, a doctor is more likely to prescribe a new medicine if it is being promoted to him or if his patients ask for it.

The advertisements for Viagra are urging its target audience to "Talk to your Doctor". That's the master key of increasing the Viagra sale! Studies overwhelmingly show that doctors do their best to please their patients. Also they are ready to go by patients' requests to try new treatments. These factors when combined together put more faith on Viagra, the extraordinary pill for erectile dysfunction.

That is why, the news that Pfizer spent $53 million promoting the erectile dysfunction medicine Viagra to consumers in 1999, should not surprise us. Also it was the ninth most heavily advertised prescription drug.

Because it was treating impotence with a unique method, Viagra was on an advantageous position and enjoyed fabulous unpaid media attention during 1999 onwards. The combination of paid promotion and unpaid media attention boosted Viagra sales to $617 million in the very first year of its introduction, thus occupying the second best prescription drug launches ever after Celebrex.

Viagra chose to aim at younger men when its sales appeared flat in the first half of 2000. The advertisement featured a man and woman on a shopping trip. As they pass a sexy lingerie shop, the man grows horns as the voice over asks "Remember when you used to be called Wild Thing?" The ad campaigns in which men grew horns in night clubs, beds and different occasion where the undertone was only sex not erectile dysfunction thereby targeting only the younger men.

Not only advertising, other medium of communication have also taken up most interesting topic of the modern age, "Viagra". This can be labeled unpaid media attention. A premiered twenty-two pilots of the drama Viagra falls, executive produced by Chris Debiec, Atil Singh, and Allen Wong; produced by Chris Debiec, was presented in the New York Television Festival (NYTVF) at the 2006 Independent Pilot Competition. The story is about two best friends scrimp and save for a spring break vacation in Daytona Beach, until a box full of Viagra causes them to rethink their options.

Movies and comedy shows use Viagra jokes to guarantee a few sure shot laughs. News papers are delivering whatever good or bad information they have on Viagra. And about internet... the most effective medium for spreading the Viagra message, is famous for its Viagra spam in your, mine and everyone's email folder. Viagra is the talk of the town, the concern of the nation, need of the generations, and aspiration worldwide. Who can escape the spell of Viagra? Even if a person manages to escape the influence somehow, media will ensure that he is entrapped. In fact, there is no escape.

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