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Viagra and America

If we wish to discuss Viagra with America, we will have to understand Americans and importance of sex in American culture. America has been a continent of continuous progress in terms of values, thoughts and culture. In 1918 condoms became legal in the U.S. followed by the approval of first oral contraceptive in 1960 by FDA. Women stated happily "The pill changed my thinking when I was young by making me feel I had a right to enjoy sex without the fear of pregnancy". Then we came to know about Viagra in 1998. Elderly men and women started enjoying sex when it was supposed to be the end of their sexuality.

Baby boomers being the pioneers of bringing change in the American society enjoyed the freedom in their sexual lives brought by birth control pills when they were young. Now, when they are famously turning old, with Viagra, they are creating a second wave of sexual revolution.

It's mainly because of Viagra, the blue diamond shaped pill for which, Americans are not ashamed of being straightforward about their sexual desires at any age. The term 'sex' was the last taboo on American mind, more so was 'impotence' which had peculiar negative emotions like humiliation, shame and depression associated with it. Sex and impotence, these two words have universal appeal, as men and women from any corner of this world can identify themselves with these two words. Indeed, Viagra has changed sex not only in America, but in the whole earth. Viagra has immensely influenced American society and changed its mindset on sex.

Have you ever thought why so many men rave for Viagra? Viagra is a way to bring back the luxury of sex at a time when nature decides to take that pleasure away. Impotence is no longer a threatening word to the men folk. Neither is it a taboo any longer. If an American man experiences impotence at any age after 18, he can go and meet his doctor and ask for Viagra if erectile dysfunction or ED is diagnosed.

Who says impotence is a curse? The decision fallen on a man from heaven? Hey, impotence is nothing but mere erectile dysfunction, a disease which can be treated by Viagra, the blue pill. So much so, Viagra has influenced American culture, the example can be taken from the broadcast of the sitcom Viagra Falls, a very popular show. Below are the points which make Viagra an inseparable part of American society.

  • Viagra promises assured erection even in men experiencing Ed for 20 continuous years.
  • Viagra is said to save many marriages from divorce.
  • Men and women of old age continue to enjoy sex with Viagra.
  • Viagra is the first non-surgical and safe way of rejuvenating sexuality.
  • Young men use Viagra to ensure good performance by improving the quality of penile erection.
  • Party-goers prefer to take Viagra to negate the effects of alcohol and other recreational drugs on their erection.

Today, American culture is more of a Viagra culture, which gives tremendous importance to sex. Men and women of all age want a fulfilling and ongoing sexual life to enjoy their lives till they die. Only Viagra, the blue diamond, can promise that kind of life full of material pleasure.

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