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Viagra in Global Society

The term 'Sex' has universal appeal, so has the problem of impotence. When the super drug Viagra was approved by the Food and Drug Association in 1998, people just couldn't stop talking about the diamond shaped blue pill. Viagra created history within a year making itself a blockbuster medicine for erectile dysfunction. The fame of Viagra knew no bound, mainly because of the nature of problem it deals with.

As mentioned in the history of Viagra in Viagraforce, Viagra formula was not initially developed for impotence or erectile dysfunction. It was initially studied for the treatment of hypertension and angina pectoris. But the medicine was more effective in reversing erectile dysfunction. So, the ground-breaking success awaited this extraordinary medicine.

If we analyze the global presence of Viagra, we will find many examples when Viagra was not used for the purpose, which it is famous for. Viagra has acted as a life-saving drug and we can find the instances of this mostly in third world countries where major chunk of the population cannot afford a costly pill for the sake of sexual pleasure.

But the global scenario for Viagra is as different as its usage. Let us consider the division of globe into three depending on the economical strata. The countries belonging to the first world, which includes the country which made Viagra, are the people who can actually afford the high cost drug to get back their sexual power. The second world countries, refers to the former communist-socialist, industrial states, today Russia, Eastern Europe and some of the Turk States as well as China are financially at a state where most of the common people can afford to buy Viagra, but they look for cheaper options. Impaza, which costs only eight dollars a pill as against 20 dollars for Viagra, has been introduced in the Russian market by a Russian pharmaceutical firm to counter Viagra. People from these countries, like many in first world countries, also like to buy generic version of Viagra and save money.

Now guess who manufacture and supply the generic versions of this blue pill? Some of the second and third world countries like India and China and other few Asian countries. These countries, with more intellect and less resource, are those, which earn money, not spend on Viagra actually.

Leaving the worldwide usage of Viagra apart, we must accept the fact that Viagra has a wide-reaching cultural impact which has made the world population sexually expressive. Take the instance of India, where talking about sex and kissing on screen was a matter to be taken care of by their national censor board. After the introduction of Viagra in 1998, talk shows, TV anchors started using Viagra, if not sex directly to spice up their show. Another example is of Spain, about which Pfizer once remarked that Spain has moved into the vanguard of a European Viagra trend in part because economic prosperity has transformed the country from a relaxed southern Mediterranean culture, where the siesta was sacrosanct, into an Anglo- Saxon-style, workaholic nation.

Taking about sex and the loss of it was forbidden worldwide. And seeking help directly from the doctor regarding erectile dysfunction or impotence was something next to impossible. Thanks to Viagra, now, people are no longer ashamed of asking for a medicine for erectile dysfunction. Is erectile dysfunction the only cause people take Viagra for? Not at all! There are many psychological as well as recreational use of Viagra which are more popular among young generation worldwide. With Viagra, we can actually say that sex sells! Worldwide!

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