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Generic Viagra

Generic Viagra is a medicine to treat erectile dysfunction and contains Sildenafil Citrate, the primary ingredient of branded Viagra® as the principal component. But generic Viagra is not exactly branded Viagra®.Generic Viagra as well as branded Viagra® has their own distinctive features.

Generic Viagra: Key Specific Features

A couple of distinctive features are attached to Generic Viagra in terms of medicine cost, trade names under which the drug is available for sale and also with regard to whether permitted to be sold in a specific country/zone or not. These key specific features of generic Viagra distinguish the medicine from branded Viagra and make it apparent that though generic Viagra contain Sildenafil Citrate as the principal ingredient likewise to branded Viagra; it is an altogether different medicine. Some of the distinguishing characteristics of generic Viagra are pointed below:

  • The cost attached to generic and branded Viagra is one of the primary differences between these two types of medicines. Generic Viagra is comparatively cheaper than branded Viagra and is also available to patients who lack money to spend on branded Viagra. Generic Viagra is available at a considerably low price because unlike the branded drug makers, the generic Viagra manufacturers don’t have to undertake research, development and promotion of their medicines and so they are exempted from spending a huge amount on researching a medicinal cure for a particular disease. They simply copy the ingredients of the branded medicine and change a few components with similar affecting components to avoid the legal issues.
  • Generic medicines are generally available in the market under different names unlike to their branded counterparts. Zenegra, Edegra Penegra, Caverta and Kamagra are different trade names of Generic Viagra while branded Viagra is available in the market only as Viagra®.
  • If the branded Viagra manufacturer Pfizer Incl., obtains patent rights for Viagra® in a particular country for a specific period then within that time frame generic Viagra cannot be made available for sale in that country/zone. For instance, according to Pfizer statistics, the patent period of Viagra® in US would expires in 2012 therefore till that period, the availability of any generic Viagra in the US is certainly illegal.

Similarities Between Generic Viagra And Branded Viagra

Excepting the fact that Generic Viagra as well as branded Viagra contains Sildenafil Citrate as the principal ingredient, there are a few other similarities between generic and branded Viagra :

  • Likewise to branded Viagra, generic Viagra has the approval of authorized drug organizations such as the FDA, WHO and GMP.
  • The dosages, side-effects, benefits, mechanisms and drug precautions of Generic Viagra as well as the branded Viagra® are more or less the same

Generic Viagra Vs Pfizer`s Viagra: The Confrontation

  • The original manufacturer of branded Viagra, Pfizer Incl. has always ranted against the generic Viagra manufacturers charging that the generic Viagra makers have always banked on the popularity of branded Viagra.Over the years, Pfizer has accused that after the drug company has borne all the expenses in manufacturing, developing and marketing Viagra®, the generic drug makers manufacture a version of branded Viagra and make the medicine available in the market for sale which results in a great deal of loss to the company.
  • As Generic Viagra is lowly priced than Viagra® i.e. the Pfizer’s Viagra, people sometimes get attracted to the cost effectiveness of generic Viagra in a country/zone where the branded Viagra patent has not yet expired especially when these drugs are marketed online. To tackle such situations, Pfizer has taken new initiatives to win over the market. According to revelations in the Pfizer`s official website, to compete with generic Viagra,Pfizer has initiated a demonstration of the safety as well as efficacy of Viagra in 130 clinical trials throughout the world.
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