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A Critical Study of Viagra

The modern age is said to believe in 'pill popping' culture and finding quick fix for every problem. The latest addition onto this trend is said to be the blockbuster drug Viagra. Viagra is the pioneer pill for the non-surgical treatment of erectile dysfunction, approved by FDA in 1998. Since then, the definition of ageing and sexuality has changed to the core.

Till the time when Viagra was not introduced, ageing with declining sexual drive and prowess was a normal phenomenon. "Ageism" has been attacked and challenged by Viagra, true, but the absurdity is that ageism still exists. However, the ageing baby boomers want to age well and our youth oriented society still derides those who do not "age well." This has led men to a situation where they face the challenge of remaining youthful which also includes sexual performance. Viagra, the little blue pill is responsible for the change.

Men and women are living in a culture which does not consider growing old as a natural process. The meaning of the term ageing now means a physical condition which requires treatment, a pill to pop and fix it quickly. Blaming the new culture of aging well, men think that an aging penis should still perform well. A man's primary vulnerability is his sexual performance, so the ageing factor invariably looks for an immediate solution to keep his penis and performance constant.

Viagra has changed the meaning and sense of masculinity in men by increasing expectation. A pill for a strong and durable penis erection! Of course this has been accepted as a cultural phenomenon very promptly and spread across the mass media. The medicalization and commodification of men's sexual functioning with Viagra during past years with Senator Dole promoting Viagra as acceptable for prime time television has been responsible for this massive cultural shift. This concept is known as the 'Viagra Culture' among the researchers, in which it is believed that all penises, regardless of age, should maintain a youthful performance standard.

The question is can Viagra give mental satisfaction and peace with the culture it has developed through these years? It has been found that aged males are using Viagra mainly for satisfying their young mistresses or girl friends, while their aged wives do not give emphasis to sexual intercourse as the primary source of showing love and togetherness.

Also the advertisements for this drug Viagra in which the message does not talk about erectile dysfunction, rather the blue pill is represented as the ultimate embodiment of sexuality which includes every aspect of sex. And after taking over the sexual lives of elder generation, Viagra has moved its focus from older to younger people and have been successful in influencing them too. Viagra is a common club drug to negate the numbing effect of addictive drugs like Ecstasy etc. Also, men from all age group excluding the minors use Viagra to ensure good sexual performance in special nights even if one is not suffering from impotence or erectile dysfunction.

Viagra has fulfilled its primary aim of creating name and brand recognition through advertisements and boosted sales and profits. But the ads do not inform consumers about diseases or treatment options. Eventually, the consumers have started to outweigh the danger of using these drugs without prescription and also have begun to demand Viagra inappropriately from their physicians.

Pfizer has sensed the nerve of the modern world; it is 'sex', which sells without fail, in any form, cost and package. Viagra is a miracle drug for sexual power; it was bound to sweep the market as well as the minds of men.

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